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Lifangmei | RFID Security Antenna Applications
2024-4-6 15:33:52

With the continuous development of science and technology, RFID technology is increasingly used in various fields. At present, in addition to being widely used in the field of library, RFID technology is also used in the management fields of brand clothing store, high-traffic channel access control, attendance, conference sign-in and digital scenic spot.

When it comes to anti-theft security, the first part we think of is RFID security antenna. Lifangmei RFID security antennas are divided into 13.56MHZ frequency and 860-960MHZ UHF systems, and for different frequencies of the RFID antennas will be used in different scenarios. By sensing the RFID tags of books or RFID tags on clothing and other items, it can detect the borrowing and returning of books or the settlement status of goods. If the books or merchandise do not meet the conditions for taking out, the security antenna alarm will be triggered.

Lifangmei RFID anti-theft security antennas have the advantages of accurate identification, low rate of false positives and false negatives, and easy equipment maintenance. For RFID solutions, Lifangmei can customize suitable application solutions for your different scenes and needs.

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