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Emeno | ST200 Series Swing Barrier Gate
2024-3-20 15:19:07

As a channel management equipment, Emeno ST200 series swing barrier gate is mainly used to manage the flow of people in supermarkets. The swing barrier gate can realize the functions of release and blocking, ensuring the order of the place and the safety of the flow of people. The mechanical part of the equipment contains an emergency control device. When the power is cut off, the swing barriers will automatically open to ensure smooth passage; when the power is turned on, the swing barriers will automatically reset.

Product Features:

1. The entire system operates smoothly with low noise and has a long service life;

2. It has zero-position self-checking function to facilitate user maintenance and use;

3. LED indicator light: blue when power is on and in standby, green when driving, and red when pushing backwards;

4. The barrier opening and closing speed is adjustable, and the waiting time for passage is adjustable;

5. Anti-retrograde: When entering and pushing in the reverse direction, the gate will give an sound and light alarm;

6. Anti-pinch: When blocked during opening, the swing barrier will stop operating; When blocked during closing, the swing barrier will rebound in time;

7. It has an automatic reset function. After the swing barrier gate senses pedestrians, if there is no passage within the time specified by the system, the swing barriers will automatically return to its original position;

8. After the system is powered off, the swing barriers will automatically open to ensure smooth passage and timely evacuation of people;

9. Unified standard external electrical interface, and remote control and management can be achieved through the management computer;

10. Customizable options: Logo printing, voice broadcast, swing barrier length.

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