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Emeno | EAS Anti-theft Safer Box
2024-3-14 17:53:50

The EAS anti-theft safer box is an item used to protect goods. Its main function is to prevent goods from being stolen. Here are some of the advantages of EAS anti-theft safer box:

  1. Anti-theft protection: The EAS anti-theft safer box is equivalent to an anti-theft lock. The products in the box require a magnetic detacher to open. If the anti-theft safer box passes directly through the anti-theft system, it will trigger alarm, effectively preventing the goods from being stolen out of the supermarket or store.
  2. Multiple sizes and styles to choose from: In order to meet the needs of different merchandise specifications, EAS anti-theft safer box is available in a variety of sizes and are highly adaptable. Lifangmei provides over 30 styles and sizes of anti-theft safer boxes, covering most sizes of products on the market.
  3. Reusable: The EAS anti-theft safer box can be reused to reduce corporate losses.
  4. Transparent and visible: Anti-theft safer box usually adopts a transparent design, which allows consumers to clearly see the items inside the box and facilitate product selection.

Dual frequency options: We have two frequency options: RF and AM. Customers can choose according to their own needs.

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