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Emeno | Is it necessary for small supermarkets to install EAS Anti-theft System?
2023-6-27 11:28:09

EAS Anti-theft System of large shopping malls and supermarkets is relatively strong, while EAS Anti-theft system of small supermarkets and convenience stores is slightly weaker. The operating area of small supermarkets and convenience stores will be relatively smaller, and the products will be less. The boss think that the store is not big, and you can see the situation of each customer entering the store. There is not need to install the EAS Anti-theft System, so many boss choose not to install the EAS Anti-theft system after opening the store. 


Therefore, many small supermarkets and convenience stores still experience theft of goods. Because many thieves are not afraid of being discovered when stealing things, they see that the EAS product anti-theft system is not installed in the store.

Although small supermarkets and convenience stores cannot attach anti-theft tags to every product, it is still necessary to install an EAS Anti-theft System because there are still some high-value products in the store. The entrances of small supermarkets or convenience stores are relatively narrow, so some stores can install a master system and a slave system for supermarkets, and some even install one master


The installation of the EAS Anti-theft System also has a deterrent effect on theft. If the thief sees the supermarket anti-theft device installed at the door of the store, he will stop the idea of stealing. 


Emeno is the manufacturer focusing on EAS Anti-theft. We provide one-stop EAS Anti-theft Service, and various anti-theft systems for supermarkets, such as Acoustic-Magnetic Anti-theft System and Radio Frequency Anti-theft System. Customers can choose according to the budget and the actual situation of the store. 

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