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Why EAS Acrylic System Is More And More Popular?
2023/2/8 11:55:36

At present, there are EAS systems of various materials on the market. Why are acrylic material antennas becoming more and more popular?

1. The acrylic material is transparent and bright like crystal, so the acrylic anti-theft system is more fashionable and beautiful, and can be matched with different styles of store decoration, which attracts the favor of many high-end clothing brand stores and supermarkets.

2. Acrylic has high transparency, compared with ABS plastic, FRP and other styles, it has less obstruction to the view of the store.

3. Emeno EAS acrylic system is almost accompanied by different LED lights when it is powered on and alarmed, so the sense of technology and atmosphere is directly full, standing at the door of the store, it is more like a technological trendy plaything.

Choosing EAS acrylic system not only protects the goods in the store, but also adds a sense of fashion to the store.

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