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Emeno | Petco Pet Store Installed EAS AM9800X System
2023/1/4 15:11:56

Petco is the larget pet supply retailer in the United States, headquartered in California. Petco's products cover pet food, pet clothing, pet grooming products, pet leashes and pet durable products etc. and has its own brand You&Me.

Since there are many products in the pet store, and some products are of relatively high value, it is very necessary to prevent theft of the products even if it is a pet store. The door of the Petco pet shop is not very wide this time, so it is enough to install only one set of AM9800X super detection system for anti-theft.

Emeno AM9800X anti-theft system is made of high-quality acrylic material, with simple lines and two-color LED light effects. It is the first choice for many stores.

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