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EMENO—— A Leading Manufacturer for EAS Anti-theft System
2022/7/26 14:38:44

Emeno, a well-known brand specializes in EAS anti-theft system for various retail industries. The company has over 10 years experience in EAS anti-theft industry. Emeno not only produces EAS anti-theft system for sellers, but also provides other complete EAS anti-theft product solutions, like anti-theft soft labels, hard tags, detachers and deactivators.

Secondly, Emeno anti-theft tags are also divided into many categories: AM soft labels, which includes waterproof labels, insert labels, jewellery labels etc., and AM hard tags, which includes pencil tag, lanyard tag, bottle tag etc. At the same time, Emeno also provide for RF technology. 

Both soft labels and hard tags have the advantages of sensitive induction, quick deactivate and detached. At present, Emeno anti-theft accessories have been sold well in many countries and regions around the world, and Emeno is becoming a reliable manufacturer of EAS anti-theft systems.

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