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New Clothing Store In Ecuador Installed Emeno AM System
2022/7/12 17:52:33

With the development of time, more and more customers choose EMENO brand in EAS system. They recognize EMENO products quality and technology, professional service and support, as we know what works because we specialize in EAS anti-theft system.

Recently, a new clothing store in Ecuador installed Emeno AM6108 advertising system. It is equipped with Emeno AM100 main board, which can have good detection distance and strong anti-interference. In the case of good detection performance, the advertising antennas have another major role. The shop owners can also change difference event posters according to the different seasons or holidays to attract customers' attention. This can also greatly increase the rate of customers entering the store, so as to promote store sales.

To create excellent products, EMENO team keep innovating, keep moving forward, and pay attention to details. Choose Emeno brand, you deserve it.

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