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How to Choose EAS Anti-theft Systems for Different Stores?
2022/6/22 17:31:21

For continuous innovation and development, EMENO first designed AM acrylic frameless antenna, which has also become EMENO star system. At the same time, in order to meet the door width requirements of different stores, EMENO team designed different widths of acrylic frameless anti-theft system for options, AM9600, AM9800 and AM9800X. The widths of the three acrylic frameless series antennas are 30cm, 35cm and 45cm respectively.

These three different dimensions correspond to the different detection distances of soft labels and hard tags, among which AM9800X has the widest detection distance. Under ideal conditions, the detection distance of AM9800X can reach 3 meters with the use of anti-theft hard tags. Since the door distances of different stores are different, the final anti-theft solution still depends on the specific store situation. Since Emeno products cover different installation distances, the installation solutions we provide to customers are cost-effective and most realistic.

Acrylic anti-theft systems have been increasingly favored by various brand stores, chain clothing stores, cosmetics stores and others. We use imported acrylic, so the whole acrylic body looks more transparent, and our unique LED light effect makes our anti-theft systems more fashionable and technological.

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