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How Can Pharmacies Do for Loss Prevention?
2022/6/10 15:00:53

In daily life, in addition to general retail stores, loss prevention of pharmacies cannot be ignored. Like other common retail stores of clothing, supermarket etc., the most effective anti-theft measurement for pharmacies is to install EAS anti-theft systems, because the anti-theft system alarm is the most direct and most on-site deterrent anti-theft method. So how does it work in a pharmacy store?

As we all know, medicine in pharmacies are generally boxed or bottled products, so the commonly used anti-theft accessories is soft label. And the working steps of anti-theft system for pharmacy medicine are as follows:

   A. Paste the soft label on the medicine box, so that the medicine is equivalent to a burglar detection signal.

   B. Install EAS anti-theft system at the entrance and exit of the pharmacy, which is equivalent to the detection system.

   C. After the guest settles at the cashier, the soft labels will be deactivated. In this case, when the guest passes the EAS anti-theft system, the system will not be triggered.

   D. If the guest does not pay normally, the soft label on medicine is still magnetic, so when the guest passes the system, it will be triggered.

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